Everything begins from believing

Passion With No Sense of Direction Is How I Live

—Slippin Away


Aziatix - Slippin Away

We have all herd the maxim “If you do not love yourself, you will be unable to love anyone else.” It sounds good. Yet more often than not we feel some degree of confusion when we har this statement. The confusion arises because most people who think they are not lovable have this perception because at some point in their lives they were socialized to see themselves as unlovable by forces outside their control. We are not born knowing how to love anyone, either ourselves or somebody else. However, we are born able to respond to care. As we grow we can give and receive attention, affection, and joy. Whether we learn how to love ourselves and others will depend on the presence of a loving environment.

—bell hooks, All About Love (via beaucoupshade)

(via darkmistressoftheuniverse)